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We pride our selves on food safety and being able to provide meals for children with varied allergies

La petite fourche Offers Safe, Healthy Catering For People With Special Dietary Needs

La petite fourche Offers Safe, Healthy Catering For People With Special Dietary Needs We're committed to creating delicious dishes that anyone can enjoy. We offer nut-free catering, and a thoroughly sanitized and

nut-safe environment. In addition to our nut-free catering, we can also adjust our menus and catering services for clients with special dietary needs. Some of the additional catering services we offer include:

  • Pork free Catering

  • Lactose-free Catering

  • Vegetarian Catering

  • Egg free catering


We make it our mission to create nutritious food all our clients can enjoy! If you need any type of special food preparation,  will provide safe and delicious catering that takes into consideration any dietary restrictions or allergies you may have!




At La petite fourche the health and safety of each and every customer is of utmost concern, and we can both empathize with and appreciate the concerns of those diagnosed with life threatening nut-allergies.

At La petite fourche  there are no recipes on our Menu that contain nuts. Even our pesto does not contain pine nuts. 

In addition, our staff members are instructed and informed of the importance and steps required in maintaining a nut-free environment. 

Although we scrutinize food labels, many of our ingredients come from outside sources and may have somewhere along the way come into contact with nuts and therefore we cannot responsibly guarantee 100% nut-free.

However all La petite fourche  Policies, Recipes, Products, and Staff Members strive in every way to achieve a nut-safe environment.

Contact us  to alert our catering team about any allergies or other food restrictions, and determine an appropriate menu for you.  Feel confident that when you choose La petite fourche , you’re providing safe, healthy catering for everyone!

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