Accordingly, we have set ourselves standards to which we strive to adhere.The 10 Zest nutrition standards are as follows:

Our Standards




Balanced meals – achieve a balance of good quality macro-


nutrients, micro-nutrients, raw and cooked foods.


Local – we favor fresh, locally sourced produce.


Unprocessed – we favor whole foods and minimise the use of


refined products.


Organic – where possible, if not, we attempt to minimise the


chemical load and the use of additives.


Fats – we use only good quality fats, if exposing oils/fats to


the heat we try to use only those stable under such conditions.







Salt – we favour natural unprocessed salts over nutritionally depleted refined salts.


Sugar – we aim to reduce simple sugar content and minimise the use of artificial sweeteners.


Fruits/Vegetables – we promote fresh seasonal produce as much as possible.


Support – we support local farmers who farm to our standards.


Respect – we are aware and sensitive to individual needs/ dietary restrictions.

Saffron Nutrition

La petite Fourche :uses Saffron nutritional software to analyse all our recipes, to ensure your child constantly receives a balanced and fulfilling Lunch.

Saffron:Nutrition is an extremely powerful nutritional analysis tool which provides us with a detailed product, and nutritional information for all our ingredients and recipes. 

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