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We are sure that like us, most of you would agree that there is no greater influence on our health than the food we eat. It appears however, that as the quality of our food has declined so has the rise in any number of related conditions, what we see in schools only serves to reflect this as we witness the growing numbers of overweight children, and the increase in attention problems and other behavioural challenges.

"There is a body of evidence which links children’s diets to their immediate and long-term health, whilst experience from schools suggests when children eat a balanced diet they find it easier to concentrate in the classroom and their behaviour is significantly improved.

Diet is increasingly being seen as central to unlocking the potential of children as well as being critical to their health. Improved nutrition and food habits can play a part in enhancing well-being and emotional welfare, and are an important part of addressing the need to reduce the number of overweight and obese children." School Food Trust 2013"


Nutritional Standards



Our nutritional standards reflect both our acknowledgement of respected organisations such as Nutrition Australia as School food trust , which especially highlight the benefits of locally sourced produce, and our own knowledge, experience and intuition that has resulted from our inherent passion for our work.

At the heart of our nutrition philosophy is the belief that healthy, ‘living’ soils provide for healthy vegetation and form the foundation for the complete food chain. We believe that not only do natural whole foods taste far better but contain much higher nutrient value and are produced in a manner that helps to support the environment.

Nutrition Australia

we follow the Australian Dietary guidelines set by Nutrition Australia as an example and guide when structuring healthy nutritious meals  for all ages and dietary needs.  

Accordingly, we have set ourselves standards to which we strive to adhere.The 10 Zest nutrition standards are as follows:

Our Standards




Balanced meals – achieve a balance of good quality macro-


nutrients, micro-nutrients, raw and cooked foods.


Local – we favor fresh, locally sourced produce.


Unprocessed – we favor whole foods and minimise the use of


refined products.


Organic – where possible, if not, we attempt to minimise the


chemical load and the use of additives.


Fats – we use only good quality fats, if exposing oils/fats to


the heat we try to use only those stable under such conditions.







Salt – we favour natural unprocessed salts over nutritionally depleted refined salts.


Sugar – we aim to reduce simple sugar content and minimise the use of artificial sweeteners.


Fruits/Vegetables – we promote fresh seasonal produce as much as possible.


Support – we support local farmers who farm to our standards.


Respect – we are aware and sensitive to individual needs/ dietary restrictions.

Saffron Nutrition

La petite Fourche :uses Saffron nutritional software to analyse all our recipes, to ensure your child constantly receives a balanced and fulfilling Lunch.

Saffron:Nutrition is an extremely powerful nutritional analysis tool which provides us with a detailed product, and nutritional information for all our ingredients and recipes. 

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