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Winter Flavors
We believe in sourcing ingredients from safe and reliable suppliers  


  • Milk, butter and cream-Hokkaido

  • cheeses: france, italy, Australia, America, Japan

Meat and poultry

  • Beef, Pork and lamb: Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the united states of America

  • Chicken, Turkey: Brazil, united states, Japan and  Canada


Fruit and Vegetables

  • Japanese vegetables: Chiba, Gunma and iibaraki

  • Exotic ingredients: Australia, France, Thailand, Philippines Italy and the United states of America

Fish and shell fish                                                                                                                    

  • Salmon, trout  fresh water: Canada and Australia. 

  • we source our shell fish, bivals and crsutaceans from the following ports from ports around japan which  include Nagasaki, in southwest Kyūshū; Otaru, Kushiro, and Abashiri in Hokkaidō. Major fishing ports on the Pacific coast of Honshū include, Hachinohe, Kesennuma, and Ishinomaki along the Sanriku coast, as well as Choshi, Yaizu, Shimizu, and Misaki to the east and south of Tokyo.

Spices and dry goods

  • All our Japanese products are sourced from in and around the Chiba and Kanto regions 

  • Spices are sourced from India, Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, China and Korea while dried herbs are sourced from France, Italy and Australia

  • Pasta: Italy

  • lentils and legumes, Morocco, Turkey,  Italy, France and Australia

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