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Our Business was built on the foundation of Fresh ingredients lovingly prepared for you and your family.

At La petite fourche our company philosophy is simple. To create meals the way mother nature intended, using the finest ingredients possible and maximizing its true value to create food at the pinnacle of perfection.

We believe that a meal is more than nourishment, it is an experience and a chance to learn and develop the senses.

We believe that sourcing our own produce locally and from around the world will ensure the highest grade quality is available for when it reaches the dining table.


La petite fourche prides itself on building meals from the ground up using the most up to date techniques to achieve the highest quality meals you deserve.

We believe that food is part of the education process so let’s work together to create an educational experience that also utilizes all our senses and build a greater understanding of food from around the world.

We believe in utilizing every single ingredient and minimalizing waste to help mother earth provide for future generations.


At La petite fourche our objective is simple – to provide excellent customer service through


• Listening to your suggestions and acting accordingly.


• Catering for all children, taking into account any special dietary requirements.


• Encouraging students to experiment and learn


• Supporting our staff, thus enabling them to provide a high level of service


• Keeping an open line of communication with students, parents, teachers and the Head of School.

This is our promise to you and your community. Because we believe that through great food built on the foundation of great service, quality ingredients and technical knowledge will create meals that will long be remembered

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